October 17, 2018

Network Security


Sophos XG Firewall All Models

Our Desktop firewall appliances support all the security features of our larger appliances but in a compact form factor and at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one security solution for your branch office, or need next-gen firewall security for your growing business, our range of models can offer you many features not available anywhere else.

XG 85 / 85w Rev.3


XG 105 / 105w Rev.3


XG 115 / 115w Rev.3


XG 125 / 125w Rev.3


XG 135 / 135w Rev.3


XG 210 Rev.3


XG 230 Rev.2


XG 310 Rev.2


XG 330 Rev.2


Product Highlights

  • All software features supported on every XG 2xx, 3xx and 4xx model
  • Copper and fiber ports on-board
  • LAN bypass ports on every model
  • Modular Flexi Port expansion bay(s) on every model to adapt connectivity
  • 2nd power supply option for all models


Our optional accessories allow you to enhance your appliance and make it the perfect fit for your individual environment and connectivity requirements.

FleXi Port Modules

Our 1U appliances come with one or two expansion bays to flexibly add to your built-in connectivity. If there are changes in your environment, and you require additional fiber ports or a change in your connectivity, you can easily add a flexi port module as a very cost-effective way of adapting your appliance, rather than having to purchase new hardware mid-term.

The following Flexi Port modules are available for our current 1U appliances

 XG 210Rev. 3XG 230Rev. 2XG 310Rev. 2XG 330Rev. 2XG 430Rev. 2XG 450Rev. 2Previous
XG 1U Models
8 Port 1GE Copper
8 Port 1GE Fiber SFP
2 Port 10GE Fiber SFP+
4 Port 10GE Fiber SFP+
2 Port 40GE QSFP+
4 Port PoE
8 Port PoE
4 Port copper LAN Bypass

A list of compatible third-party transceivers can be found in knowledgebase article